Carer of newly diagnosed husband


Hello, my husband has been newly diagnosed with Parkinson's. We are learning a new way of life and coming to terms with his diagnoses. He is finding it difficult to get his head around not being able to do his job and knowing that he will not be able to work his normal. 

Having to claim benefits, especially PIP, is particularly difficult for him. I have found the best course of action is to let him sort it out in his own head, giving him space, and his mood lifts after a while.

Myself, I am patient and don't try to finish his sentence for him. I suffer from depression and a personality disorder, which at the moment is under control. 

Hi Mindful Space
Welcome to the forum - I hope you'll find it a place where you can share experiences with others in a similar situation. Anyone out there who would like to say hello to Mindful Space? 
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Hello  Mindful Space and wellcome

      Sometimes (not often) I feel sorry for myself and the old familiar words why me, well why not I am no one special I am just another passenger on space ship earth, then I read posts such  as yours and feel so guilty how can I display s uch selfishness when kind souls such as you are been forced to accept this wicked disease I must keep my head up and face up to what lies ahead, I need to find a way, a cure that will rid the human race of this blight, I wish I could lighten the burden you carry but by joining this forum you have taken the first steps towards accessing the huge amount of support that lies within.

                                 Kindest Regards    Fed