Carers allowance ends

I receive carers allowance for caring for my partner who has PD and demenia, its a 24/7 care job but I believe the carers allowance ends whe I reach my pension age.  Can this be correct the fact that I become a pensioner means I will not be getting the allowance as my caring role wont stop.

I think you are right about carers` allowance stopping when you retire.  I think it is meant to replace some of your loss of earnings!  I am retired and caring for my husband.  He gets attendance allowance, the higher rate because it is a 24/7 need.   If your husband applies he will get a long form to fill in.  The best advice is to fill it in to show the most care you give not some sort of average day.  We found it hard having to set out all the things he can`t do or can only do with my help but it is necessary even if it can be a bit depressing.

If you haven`t already done so, you should register with your GP as a carer and you can have an assessment of any help you need.

Have a happy Christmas