Carers Allowance

I receive a carers allowance of £55.55 each week from the government.How much am I allowed in savings before they stop the benefit?
My father has just given me a large sum of money -I intend to buy a disabled car to take him around,but want to know How much of it I can keep before the benefit is stopped?
Hi pingopenguin

We have a benefits specialist advisor here on the Parkinson's UK helpline so feel free to call him on 0808 800 0303 (freephone). I am sure he can answer your question.

Take care

Carers allowance is not means tested as far as savings or pensions are concerned (i believe) the thing that stops CA is earning through employment more than £100 take home pay per week. Hopw i am right!!
I was told I couldn't claim CA as I received the State Retirement Pension and it can't be claimed if you have another state benefit.
Could the Parkinson's disease adviser clarify?
Hi goldengirl,

Thanks for your question. If you need to have a chat with the Parkinson's UK specialist adviser, you can reach him on the helpline number at 0808 800 0303.

Unfortunately, because his advice relates specifically to individual situations, it's not always appropriate for him to post advice on the forum.

I've just had a chat with him and he is here to speak with you this morning if you phone.

I hope this helps,
Thanks very much every-one.
I have spoken directly with the advisor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good news all round !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!