Carers- anyone know the rights?


My mum is currently in hospital. She has had Parkinsons for 12 years, severe osteoporosis and her pelvis is broken in 4 places plus she has had her bowel removed. She is being sent home with a care package that will last for 6 weeks and then we will have to start paying for the additional care.  Does anyone know if my Dad can get a Carer's allowance? He is a pensioner so he was told that he couldn't get it, for that reason. Appreciate any help/ advice.  Thanks

Hi Londoner

You need to phone the helpline and speak to a benefits adviser.

Your Mum is entitled to Attendance Allowance at least, if she isn't already claiming it.

I think you may  also need advice on claiming Continuing Care via the NHS.

The Citizens Advice Bureau can also offer advice.

There is support out there but you have to track it down.

No one makes it easy or points you in the right direction until you ask, in my jaundiced opinion!

Good luck and stay strong..