Carer's Assessment

Has anyone had a Carer's Assessment carried out by their local council, and if so what does it consist of and what help does it give a carer?

not had that, sorry. But I get support from Carers in Wiltshire and they are fab. I think it is the carers trust that is UK wide and you should get in touch with your local carer organisation and they would know all about what help is out there and what and who to ask for support? Just type carer support and your local county into google and it should connect you with them?


Last week my doctor said I should have carer's assessment and is arranging it for next week, not sure who does the assessment but I don't thinks its the council.

No idea what a carer's assessment is and what its purpose is.   Vantodder, you said your doctor said you should have one.  Do you know why.

Its done by your council to see how you are managing as a carer.In my case i am a full time carer looking after my wife. The council give me 3 hours a week respite for a break away from my caring role. I can use them anyway i like 12 hours over 4 weeks, phone your council and ask they have money set aside for things like this.


It;s because I have some medical problems of my own, and he is not sure I can manage without help.