I have struggled with carers for my mother. We have a company come in each day but when we needed more care they were too regimented with their care plans to provide what I needed.
I also had to get a new cleaner who came as a mother and daughter team.
They offered to do the extra care. The result has been amazing. Mum has built up a relationship with the daughter who comes regularly and she has persuaded mum to shower,wear clean clothes,etc. Every one says mum seems much better, even the doctor noticed.

This is to say thank you to Lisa and Carole. They have made my mum so much happier and taken the strain off me.

To those looking for carers, unless nursing care is needed, good carers are born and are worth their weight in gold.
hi mandy bike,that is great news that your mother is happy and contented now with care she is receving,it takes alot from you also,off your for angenceies all i can say is that i have two carers come in to me,one one week the other the next and so on.if i need more hours,i tell me social worker and she puts it infront of a panel and its them who decide,i ve just been givern an extra 6 hours a week ,which im so happy with.but the way you have had to do it has worked for you,and im very pleased she got some one and the most important thing is that she likes and truts them,good luck xxxx:smile:
Hello Mandybike,

So pleased you have found some really good carer's for your mum, when you get good ones they are worth their weight in Gold. It is a real struggle to find good ones which of course varies from place to place. I think that they should all have more training and the job be raised in status which would be better for everyone. Alij is quite right good carer's are born but anyone with some common sense can become the best friend you can have and it takes the strain off everyone else knowing that your relative is looked after.
best wishes