Caring for someone with Parkinsons

For the last year I have been caring for my mum, who has been diagnosed with PD. She presented with a shake in her right hand which occasionally affected her right leg. The tablets seemed to help reduce these symptoms and she has been coping very well.

However, over the last month or so, her symptoms have worsened. Her speech is slowing down and she is increasingly tired and lethargic. Every thing takes so much longer to do and she is worn out just walking to the kitchen and making her lunch.

Mum is awaiting a right hip replacement so her mobility is somewhat affected. Although she is housebound and relies on me to take her out, she lives independently on one level of her house, doing her own cooking and washing. Her biggest wish is to stay where she is and look after herself. She has carers in twice a day - once in a morning and once at teatime - and they make sure she has a warm drink and has eaten or has food prepared that she can get when she is hungry.

I am increasingly worried and concerned that this arrangement is not going to be possible if she continues to deteriorate at such a rapid pace and with a heavy heart I might have to make arrangements for her to go into a care home. I keep thinking that I should do something now as I know these things can take time to put in place and we might very well need something soon. But I have no idea where to go to for support and for referrals.

Mums GP doesn’t seem particularly compassionate or interested and she only sees her consultant every 6 months or so. I feel like I am slowly drowning under all this whilst trying to hold down a job and run a family home.

Can anyone offer any support and advice? Thanks in advance.