Caring for those with Parkinson’s

Hi there,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in this strange and uncertain time.

I’m really sorry if I have done this wrong, I was just looking for somewhere I can talk to people in a similar situation to myself.

My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 2 years ago at the age of 56. I have really struggled to come to terms with this and find it hard that my family do not talk about it and almost try to ignore it.

I just wanted to get to know some people in a similar situation or who have been through this as I am quite scared and feel like my mother is struggling.

Take care all,
Hannah Wilson

Welcome to the forum HannahW20, I just would like to say that personnally I don’t think it is just Parkinsons that people shy away from, it seems to be whatever others are diagnosed with the result always comes as a shock to themselves and friends and mostly family. It is not knowing what lies ahead or not knowing enough about whatever they have been diagnosed with. Your Mum should have been assigned to a Parkinsons Nurse, they are very knowledgable and can putyour mind at ease, and will answer most of the questions you need to know. I was diagnosed around the same age as your Mum (57) and that was 10/11 years ago. I will say I struggled to believe the diagnosis, it takes a little while to sink in, you and your family even now after two years can’t take it in. You mostly have to give your Mum the help and understanding she needs in the early stages of taking it all in. One thing that did help me greatly was to source a Parkinsons group out, there should hopefully a one near to where you all live, they are a tremendous help so please look out for one. The Parkinsons UK page should help in finding one. I hope this has helped and brought you a bit of comfort. The number quoted on the forum can be a great help too by advising you of some matters, so give them a try. Hope also it works out for you and your family, but they must talk about it and come to terms with it. Take care

Sheila x

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Hello Sheila,

Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch.

You’re the first person I have spoken to since my Mother was diagnosed.

I am trying to stay strong for her as my Father is struggling also but sometimes I do really panic as I see her symptoms worsening.

I hope you’re well and stay safe.

Hannah xx

Hello there again HannahW20, hope everything is going well with your Mum still, and that she and your family are coping with the diagnosis a lot better. Stay in touch if you wish, you can ‘personal message’ me by looking for my return post to you, and pointing your arrow onto the (faintly printed reply) that has a return arrow in front (among all the other icons that are there) After you have written your message back to me, press the the blue reply rectangle in bottom corner of this box. Otherwise take care and hope everything goes well
Sheila (sheffy)