Carnt sleep

anyone up
Hi Dadio - I am up, can't sleep either

not just me then how are you im don by the way
you fell asleep lol
Hi Don - yep, you were right, I did fall asleep, sorry!

see my post one before this on Entacapone
That's en-TAC-a-pone, or as my OH calls it, "Enter Al Capone")
hi guys

can ne one help me, im struggling with my sleep. my medication only last 2hr, is there anything else i could try?
What meds do you take now?
Hello all,

What is a good night's sleep (in terms of hours and number of times getting up) for you all?

Is a total of 5 hours sleep plus 5-6 times getting up "good" (by your definition)? Mum's best sleep is her first 3 hours and then sleepless until 5 and then maybe 2 hours of sleep. A "bad" night is 2-3 hours sleep.

I'm sorry you are troubled by lack of sleep.
My husband and I have tried all kinds of meds but have finally settled on hypnptherapy sleep CDs.
If you type that into a Google box or go on to Amazon you find lots for around £3 to £5 including postage.
We always listen to one when settled in bed and find that we fall asleep before it's finished1
Worth a try?