Carrying on teaching

Is anyone else out there a primary teacher? How has it gone for you?

Hello Katesmum and welcome to the forum.

I didn't get my diagnosis until a few years after I had taken early retirement because I wasn't coping and didn't know what was wrong. I lost pension and at times it has been a struggle but for me getting out was the best thing.

There are other teachers on the forum who are still working and I'm sure you'll get more replies soon.

May I ask how old you are and what symptoms are bothering you most?

Hi Katesmum
I am not a teacher but was diagnosed nearly 5yrs ago and have been back at work 4yrs as a Practice nurse I am only now finding that I will have to retire now but unfortunately for me i have had problems with medication and recently been asked to consider deep brain surgery I also had a scare 2 weeks ago I was rushed to the hospital ?? a stroke thank god i didn't but at 53yrs old and I noticing a problem with my ability to concentrate it is time for me to go. As you have been newly diagnosed time will tell and if the body is willing then try and try to keep going you will know when to stop:grin:

Thanks. I'm 55 now, dx in June. Main symptoms atm tremor in r hand so bit tricky when writing on board. Tiredness, of course, but then it's teaching. Stiffness in shoulder and neck. Just easing into Sinemet. I'm the breadwinner and we still have mortgage so I hope I can keep hgoing for a bit longer. Also, love the job and my colleagues.

Hi Kayesmum
Have you tried practicing writing with your left hand ?, I have a rgt handed tremor and my rgt leg also tremors. At work they have been great and i have a roller ball mouse that helps with the computer, I also use one at home , they also offered me a voice activated program for the computer of which i have not used yet and now will not be taking up due to retirment. Would your work be ok with you using over head projector instead of writing on the board ? it may mean some extra work on your part pre arranging your lessons then you only have to write odd things on the board and if you master your lft hand problem solved for now ??. What age group do you teach ?. Are you on madopar this is helpful for me it gives me a boost usually for 1 hour but sometimes longer discuss with the consultant or your PD nurse this drug is called a rescue drug and can be helpful. You have e-mailed me privately is that so we can chat other than on the forum ? ok by me just wanted to check ok by you ?. where do you live ?. Excuse my grammar was dreadful at spelling and grammar at school still no better I blame my condition Tee Hee thank god for spell check or you would be correcting this message as well:wink:. Chat soon

OOps silly me noted you have already said you are a primary school teacher there you go my condition again

Hi Katesmum.
I'm not a school teacher but I'm a dance teacher! I have had my own school for 35 years teaching Ballet, Tap and Modern. I'm the only teacher - I have no help - and I have an hour's journey each way. I was diagnosed May/June and I'm in the early stages I one is telling me anything!....but obviously I'm wondering just how long I'm going to be able to carry on, just like you I guess.
I used to be a Primary school teacher many years ago so I know what it's like! Have you told many people? How did the Head take it?
I've told just a few of the 'mums' but don't want to tell too many in case I lose pupils. Luckily my medication isn't giving me side effects, but doesn't seem to be helping either!
Are you going to say anything to the children? I just said to some of my older classes that I had a bit of balance problem - I blamed a funny ear (that's what I thought it was originally! Little did I know how wrong I was!)
Good luck anyway.

BTW - as they say nowadays!
I noticed that there you have been discussing voice activated typing systems. I was taught to touch type at the age of 16 when I joined the RAF one of the first things that went with me was the ability to type coherently (and to send Morse, but that's another story)
I now use a dragon program which is marvellous, once you have trained it can actually type what you want to say roses and what the program thinks you have said.
It helps me send e-mails, surf the web, and to continue writing technical articles for submission and publication. You do have two watch it though. If the program makes a mistake it is likely to insert random words which squeeze through the spellchecker. Luckily I have and intelligent proofreader to hand who catches the stuff that I miss.
Dragon is currently discounted at a famous South American online store, it is worth looking.

I am an early years teacher by qualification (now an SEN advisor for the LA)currently trawling through the new SEN legislation!!!! I supervise a team on 4 inclusion officers.

I was Dx march 2011 and have had huge problems with meds. Am currently only able to tolerate Requip at just 6mg (higher dose gives me hallucinations)and Azilect.(Trying to avoid the hard stuff a bit longer, chances are I won't tolerate that either!)

Requip and Azilect helps with some of the symptoms but suffer with my head and neck, stiffness and a feeling of pressure that is impossible to describe but which is getting worse, especially when driving and on the laptop.

My concentration is shocking at times and my memory is not what it used to be but I am still working full time and recently finished my degree in 'working with children with SEN'.

I desperately want to keep on working as I love my job and the independence it gives me. I don't need to work financially but for my self esteem I do!! I can cope with the physical symptoms but my head is making life a challenge.

I have a rollerball mouse which I have learned to use with my left hsnd and I have dragon software at home and at work (fantastic) I also have a dictaphone for my visits as writing is difficult, it transcribes it into text for me when I get back to the boss has been amazing putting everything in place for me!!