Casual research question...would be great if people answer

This is a question for PWP only. If you look at your lower legs is there any difference in the amount of hair growing on the inside or outside of either leg... if so please say where there is more hair growing; inside or outside.

hope this is not too personal smile


Aw come on please answer!

I had a look and could not decide which is hairier. If anything both sides of each leg are slightly less hairy than I expected.

does that help?


So, in the interests of science (and not because I'm a lazy sl*t perish the thought) I haven't shaved my legs and can report . . . I'd say the outside faces were less hairy than the inside ones.

All you need now is a randomised control sample of Pw/oP, assign trial numbers randomly, collect the response blindly - and you're in for a research grant!

PS, do make sure no owls take part, they could seriously damage the integrity of your data, what with all those feathers.


Thanks so much for your valuable contributions, owl or not although I have noted your point Semele. The volunteers for this much awaited trial are, I am sure, just preparing in a similar way and we will soon be inundated.

I'm with EF on this one. Hardly any hair, so hard to distinguish.

Aah well !  Thanks to you who had a look.


Difficult to judge: at the 1st sign of unruly follicle behaviour ( growth) I start shearing.

Would appear to be equal.

Thanks Mrs T... perhaps one day we will have a reasonable sample.


my legs are equally hairy everywhere

nice to test out our various theories here though, I am about to post one myself....

I have noticed baldness of my lower legs which i thought might be due to edema but perhaps it is more common. Perhaps the hairs just emigrated to my nose and ears which are now luxuriantly hirsute.