Cataract op

Has anyone caring for a Parkinsons patient had experience of how they cope with a cataract operation.
He is having drops in his eyes at the moment for inflammation
It is very important after the op to do eye drops every few hours

My husband is to have op in the next couple of months

I am trying to put the drops in his eyes but he is inclined to close his eyes as I approach
If he attempts to do these himself it is a bit hit and miss

Any tips greatly appreciated

Hi KK1,

From what you say, I really don’t believe, unless I am missing something, that his PD has anything to do with what you are describing.

His reaction is exactly what 80% of people go through.
Remember, if your brain ‘sees’ that someone is putting something into your eye, the immediate reaction is to close your eyes.

I do understand that as a result of the situation it may be difficult for him to do it himself.
Perhaps what you should do is pull the lower eyelid down, and put the drops into the ‘pocket’ there.
He would then lie still and after say, 15-20 seconds, or whenever he is comfortable, slowly move his pupils left, right, up and down for a minute or so.
That will allow the drops to cover the entire eye.