Catarrh , mucus, excess saliva!

Ive just been checking out the forums here, guess i found alot of the answers i was looking for, thank you all for yor posts, comments etc in regards to the build up of Catarrh/mucus/saliva in my throat and nose, this problem is really annoying and gets me down big time, fed up of trying to clear my throat, or scrapeing, coughing especially when members of my family are trying to watch tv or talk to someone, alot of the time i go out of the room, so they can get some peace. Now ive tried steam treatment , regular cups of hot tea and in the motions of trying a medicine which clears my nasal passages and break up the shit that builds up in my throat, sorry for the shit phrase lol its getting to me. personally i think its the Stalevo plus the Sinemet im taking which are the main culprits here but without those medications im a zombie , can hardly move or speak so they are a must. By reading these great forums i learn from you my fellow parkinsonians, that this is a big problem for alot of us, plus after reading that one of the killers of folk with PD is choking !! kinda frightened me after reading that, scared one day i wont be able to clear the junk in my throat and poof welshbearuk aka hugh aka me is no more and pop me clogs in my sleep. i could think of better ways to go huh hahaha least ive still got my humor, thats one thing that my PD wont ever take away from me, no way hosay lol..............if anyone has got any other ideas that will help my situation please let me know, and a big thank you for those who have already posted, thank you very much, hoping you are fighting this nightmare they call Parkinsons, stick with it please, ive got so much faith with the parkinsons disease organisations across the world, doctors, scientists, plus my good friend michael j fox (hes not really a friend lol i just say hes one of my gang ) who are putting so much time and effort into this PD that im sure that within 5 years they will have found a cure or a major mediction breakthrough that will bring back our quality of life before we are all to old to sample it and get measured up for our Clogs (size 8 for me hehehe)
thanks everyone
please be safe & keep smiling
Welshbearuk aka Hugh
The Welsh Parkinsonian
& All Round Shakin Stevens
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Hello Welshbear, I can relate to what your saying and it is sooooo annoying. I also take Stalevo and a sinemet cr at bedtime, so perhaps it is the meds. It does really gett me down but hey....we cant live without the I guess we...cough, splutter, choke ect ...just have to live with it. Do please let us know if you find anything that helps. Take care

From one Welsh woman to Welsh bear .

Don't know if you saw my earlier post .

My husband is the Parkinsons sufferer and he along with most of you has the same problem . In fact only an hour ago I was encouraging him to do his breathing exercises and singing .

He will try most things I suggest .It certainly seems to have helped him

When he starts trying to clear his throat which is unproductive I tell him to blow his nose . He usually says I don't need to . But when he does it changes the breathing pattern and breaks the pattern /need to cough .

I make up a solution in water of salt , bi carb, and sugar reccomended by our GP to use as a nasal wash . I also make a gargle of Bi Carb this helps to clean the throat

Have recently come across a site that I will look for and post ..

It is a worry and frightening try not to becaome tooooo anxious as you know the stress makes everything worse .

If you come across anything that will help please let us know .
Welshmen like to sing don't they? Perhaps you would benefit from joining the local choir. Might clear the tubes.

Cymru am byth!
Well surprise surprise,i have found that taking Benylin non drowsy clears up the mucus very well...i never thought anything like that would really work.:grin:


what a good idea will try the linctus .thank you keep them coming .
hi there, I also find none drowsey linctus works well

Hi my hubby recovering from major Bowel surgery Ben in icu for 2weeks was recovering well but now got this problem with not being able to cough to clear his throat as his muscles are too weak you can hear the crackling and gurgling coming from his throat but can’t seem to shift it he is on medication to break up any mucous and he has had dr listen to chest and lungs are clear any one else on medication for this or any help please

I see that this conversation is 2 yrs old, but wonder if anyone has anything to add. I get an attack of catarrh almost every evening and sometimes during the night and first thing in the morning. The feeling of breathlessness briefly gave me panic attacks but I’ve learned to control them with breathing exercises. Getting rid of the catarrh is more difficult, Benylyn and hot tea and steam are the only remedies that work. When they don’t , it often means a sleepless night sitting upright in bed and only being able to breathe through my mouth.