Catarrh when eating

Does anyone know if increased catarrh while eating is a PD problem?  I also have a cough on waking and post-nasal drip.  Hub is getting very annoyed with me coughing through a meal and also clearing my throat.  This also happens if I talk for more than  a few minutes. Swallowing anythng dry is also becoming a problem.  Is this a PD thing or should I just see the GP (don't have a nominated GP in our practice at the moment).

You might try an Asthma inhaler - see my post above THROAT PROBLEMS.

Funny you should suggest that - in 1996 (before PD diagnosis) I was using an inhaler which was no longer needed about 4 years ago (post diagnosis) but there have been times recently when I have used my husband's inhaler as it was the only way I could stop coughing.   Guess I shall have to brave the GP's door again.  Many thanks.