Cavilon spray

Has anybody used CAVILON SPRAY TO STOP SKIN REACTIONS TO PATCHES, as in  this recent posting..?

".   My wife is currently changing from pergolide to the patches. She also suffered from itchiness/irritation. The parkinsons nurses here in Aberdeen suggested we use a spray called Cavilon. It acts as a barrier but allows the drug to pass through, it makes wearing the patches much more comfortable. "

According to reviews on that source of all things, Amazon, it seems to be mainly used to prevent nappy rash and other potentially sore skin conditions.

Thanks for any help


Hi I've used spray at work ... It acts as second skin so when stick things on it , when remove it , it takes cavilon off not skin . Used to keep moisture away from skin . No knowledge about wether it allows medication through . I'd Google and check with manufactures of it . 

Thanks Kittens

good idea, will do ! 


Hi Kittens

Had a very prompt reply from 3M, makers of Cavilon -

"Although Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film has a claim to protect against adhesive trauma, we cannot recommend Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film to be used under drug patches (for the reason that by it providing a barrier it may interfere with the delivery of the drug into the skin) and have no evidence to support its use for this application." 

Not an unexpected response, but would be interesting to find out if has actually been used successfully from Aberdeen P nurses.