CBD OIL and holidays abroad

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick word of caution. If you are planning a holiday to far off distant shores, check to see if you can take CBD OIL with you.

I’ve just found out Singapore will not allow, under pain of death, I kid you not, CBD OIL into the country.

Any gum, sweats or any product containing cannabis extract are not allowed into Singapore.

Looks like my holiday is ruined. Que Sera Sera.

Hi Dr,

It’s unfortunate to hear about the restrictions in Singapore. CBD regulations can indeed vary widely from country to country. I would recommend everyone to check the local laws and regulations before traveling with CBD products.

While Singapore may have strict rules, I hope you still have a fantastic holiday experience.

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You need to be really careful of that. In Canada where I live cannabis products are legal (you can buy it in cannabis stores etc) but it’s completely illegal to bring it across borders. So if you were travelling here, for example, just because it’s legal in the country, it’s a serious criminal offence to bring it in to Canada or to take it out.

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Oh no, that’s really bad! I had no idea Singapore had such strict regulations. Hopefully, you can still find some alternatives to make the most of your time there. Stay positive, and I hope you can still have a memorable experience despite this setback.
Next time you check carefully, if CBD is allowed in that country. Safe travels! wink: