CBD Oil Review

Hi all

This is a review of Olimax 7% CBD Oil - MUCH better than the 4% oil!




Thanks for the video, very interesting.

Where do you get your CBD oil from? I searched for it online but couldn't find what strengths were being sold.

The Olimax oil came from Poland, but a lot of people in the CBD Users UK group on Facebook recommend www.cbdbrothers.co.uk.    I recommend joining that group and asking for recommendation for your specific symptoms.  



Thank you.

BAZ my husband has been diagnosed nearly 6 years and was on Pramipexole 3.2 sr and Azelect 1 mg until and was very well on this. Whilst in the UK over Xmas he seemed to go down very quickly and the PD  dr suggested he try Madopar 100/25. TDS. We returned to Spain and he picked up so decided to just have the Madopar one in the morning and try CBD an hour before bed.

OMG.its like having the old BAZ back.I can't fast walk with him as I can't keep up, on the bike he's steaming along like 10 years ago ,he doesn't have to sit out at tennis anymore and he can ski all day every day for 3 days on the trot. He has no fatigue and doesn't nap like he used to. His speech is better, he could smell the orange blossom for the first time in years,he knows when I'm cooking with garlic!

He is sleeping for approx 5 hrs but the pins and needles in his arm and hand wake him and are the only thing that's troubling him.Hes experimenting when to take more CBD to counteract this  but all in all am amazed with the way he is.

why are no trials being done on CBD?


Hi Flossie

wow, that sounds brilliant, hope it lasts.

What form of CBD does Baz use, and what amount per dose?


That sounds amazing, Flossie!

We need to know more details - strength, dosage, frequency.... we'll run our own trials if necessary!

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Yes, let's have more specific information please, so we can order some!

He's taking https://cbdbrothers.com/ blue caps. Also trying the drops under the tongue in the night If shoulder pain troublesome

He is using https://cbdbrothers.com/ mainly because they are UK based and mail order is 24 hr delivery.

there are different strengths and different types so it's worth experimenting. He started on the blue but finds the purple better at night so uses blue in the day. If the shoulder pain wakes him in the night he has a couple of drops of tincture. There is no doubt all be it anecdotal that it's doing something. Everyone without exception can't believe the difference in him ,

Yes Ian 4% a waste of time!

Many thanks for the information.

Thanks Flossie.

Will get ordering, and hope for good results. A really good night's sleep wouldn't go amiss, and should help everything else!


I've ordered some of the blue oil, will let you know what happens.

Watching with interest!
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And me! 


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Hi Tabbycat

Taken the plunge into the light, I hope, and just ordered purple paste and blue capsules!

We will be able to compare notes.


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On the premise that negative results should carry the same weight as positive, I must report I have had no luck with CBD.

I have taken four different preparations of CBD purchased from four reputable suppliers; capsules, two versions of CBD oil, and a version that is "soluble" in water.

There have been a few times when I have felt a bit whizzy, but there has been no change in my PD symptoms.  I really wanted some help with shoulder, neck and back pain, but there was none.

If others get relief from PD symptoms using CBD, that would be fantastic and I would be very happy for them.  However, I am not one of them.





Sorry to hear that.

But, nothing ventured nothing gained!

Live in hope . . .