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I am new to this forum. My husband has mainly non motor symptoms of Parkinson’s He does suffer with stiffness too and seems to be much more hunched over I am confused as to CBD. They seem to come in different colours. I have just started him on 2 drops in the morning of the Green oil Is there anyone who can help me with the difference in the colours of the oil and what they do. I wonder if he is on the right oil for his symptoms which are fatigue, apathy, slowness in thinking and being stiff with pain in back

Many thanks

Chris C

Hi @caterc, If you go to the Forum which gives you a guide to all the sections on here you will see About Parkinsons and Health, click on the sub - topic Treatments and Therapies and there is a subject on what you are asking about. May be this will be of help to you.



My husband has cognitive problems with his Parkinson’s but since middle of December this has turned very quickly into severe confusion He has had a chest infection which was treated with antibiotics and still has a chesty cough The confusion and
not sleeping at night because of being agitated doesn’t seem to be getting any better When we last saw Consultant 22nd November he was pleased that he hadn’t deteriorated over
the year He did increase his anti depressants venaflaxine from 75 mg to 150 mg which after three weeks seemed to start the confusion then getting the chest infection made it worse. We have gone back to 75 mg of venaflaxine I am scared as to why the sudden change and why it’s not getting better. Does dementia come on that quickly?? Is it the sinemet that he is on Anyone got any ideas

Chris C

There’s a site on Google canna insider tell you all about cbd oil different colours tintures vapes couple videos but if you research cbd for Parkinson’s comes back cbd gold

Thank you x

@caterc You’re welcome, take good care of yourselves and most importantly stay safe.


On FACEBOOK, ask to join the CBD group such as ‘cbdelite’ (cbdbrothers) or ‘the alternative medicines’, then wait for acceptance.
then ask on that forum what CBD Oil, does anyone request for the Parkinson’s symptom, you wish to treat.
remember to tell them you are a novice and everything needs to be explained i.e size of drops etc