CBD type and strength

This is my first post, so i hope I’ve done this correctly… Looking for some help for my mother who has had PD for nearly 10 years. The positive effects of her medication is decreasing and she now has periods of total freezing where she literally can’t do anything until it’s time for her next dose of meds. Have started CBD oil 5% but looking to increase this. CBD Brothers seem to sell bigger strength oils. Does anyone have any experience with CBD helping in this instance and what strength oil do you use? Also, what type of CBD is most beneficial? Indica, Sativa or a hybrid? Many thanks

Hi, this is also my first post and i was about to write the exact same as you!! can you tell me if you got any replies and if you went ahead with CBD oil for your mum? My Mum is really struggling with extreme fatigue and her medication is wearing off a few hours after taking it so i have been trying to research a little into CBD oil but there is so much conflicting info!! Any info/advice greatly appreciated. thanks

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