Hi just wondered if anyone tried cbd and if it works and what kind and strength do you use would like to give it a go but not sure what kind to buy oil or capsules

hi look at canabis oil blog under petec or ieddleston it should give you the jist

if you can,t find my topic check all cbd and canabis oil in well being /treatments or type in peter corcoran should be of some help if not come back to me

ARISE SIR KENNY🗡️ Morning Peter and Mam ! It’s a fantastic day today
I’m afraid I’ve playj/pliaj/ plaijir/
STOLE those last four words from the title of an 80s hit by Haircut :100: never mind I can’t help it if I can’t spell PLAGIARIZED you two have an absolutely spiffing day maybe even celebrate with faggot’s and some green things . . Tommy

Morning tommy hello from mam and me what can i say the man (king kenny)is a leg end oops meant legend hope you and mrs m are well i pulled lump of grass up wed. from garden and got covered in gnats arms bitten from top to bottom itching just coming to end just my luck was hoping to smell of roses but ended up smelling of s**t all the best
Pete and mam

Talking about s**t I’ve been ill all week think I got a super big visiting that manky hospital.
Spent all week on the sofa and the toilet I can only describe it as old shoes falling out of the attic.
Sorry if you are having your breakfast.Tommy

Morning tommy trust you and mrs.m are both well my bites are on mend mam has to speak to gp today as problem with last wks.blood test res.i fear she may have kidney probs.as we already know not functioning properly what,s happened to babs ?not been in touch for a while hope she,s ok

Morning Peter and Mam
Glad you’re gnat bites are getting better hope Mams blood test results are good Babs took a little break from the forum but she was back on last night cheeky as ever and I’ve got a new fan apparently his name is William and he sent me a message saying he( loves me too) he has no idea how lucky he is I’ve been taken off sinamet and levadopa anyway I messaged him back to complain that he hasn’t even taken me out yet and he hasn’t been in touch yet (does he think I’m some kind of tart?) .
Oh and I’ve sorted out my nasty super bug I got it under control with Bisto as it says on the box (browns, seasons and thickens ) marvelous
Be good, stay well and say hello to Mam TOMMY :pill::pill::pill::pill::crab::crab::crab: