CBT for impulsive and compulsive behaviour

Hi all, We posted a news story on our website this morning that I thought you would be interested in.

A new study found that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) could help people with Parkinson's manage impulsive and compulsive behaviour. You can view the story here: http://bit.ly/19i883M



This  link doesn't work, I'm afraid.


p.s. how is everyone these days?

Hi ray

How lovely to hear from you again!

You have been much missed and although this new forum is enough to try the patience of a saint pllease post and let us know you are surviving all the slings and arrows this damned condition throws at you.

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Hi Ezinda

I can't access the link to the CBT article either.


Hi ray and goldengirl,

We mentioned in the About our new forum page (on the left-hand menu) that links on the old forum may not work. This is due to the change in the site as a whole.

You can now find the CBT news story here: http://bit.ly/19i883M We'll also update the link above.

If you have a few minutes, please do read the About the forum page to find out about changes that you might notice.



I have had no problems accessing the link it works for me

I have now been able to read the article and am saddened that Dr Breen gives a misleading picture of the future for patients suffering DA/OCD problems.

It is simply not true that sufferers have to choose between these destructive behaviours and non-management of their physical symptoms.

The only solution is NOT reduction or stopping of the Parkinson's drugs as Dr Breen states.

The answer is usually to wean the patient off the DAs and then move on to a Levadopa based regime.

At this point CBT is immensely helpful and should be offered to the partner/ carer affected by the behaviour also.

My husband and I have followed this path and after nearly 3 years of such help are finding life at last bearable.

There is no short cut to recovery from this often devastating situation but recovery is possible without sacrificing control of the physical symptoms.

To suggest otherwise is to dissuade patients from seeking help to escape from the nightmare.