Celebrating YIPEE! Awarded PIP

Just so happy, awake and filling time.  Just opened post as had a moment of feeling brave and YEAH !    pip pippy pip awarded.  really pleased , don't mean to bleat but its tough living on your own and worrying how on earth you are going to cope in the future, this will help.   pip,pippy pip.  yeah!!! 

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Hi TeeHee, 

That's great news. I'm really happy to hear that this has happened for you, I know it can be a really stressful process to go through. :-)

Teehee, That's brilliant news! It must be a relief and it's good to hear that there are still some reasonable people out there. Time to celebrate with one of those cocktails!

Ah thanks both of you, yes break out the cocktails xx

Hi Teehee, Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all OK. How are you getting on with 5htp? I'm still using turmeric in cooking. Keeping u with blueberries etc. I've started a new job 3xdays a week. Tiring but good to get out in the world again after 6months of not doing much.

Hi DivineR ,

Ok thanks, mum not well and she is Reliant on me for shopping, taking her to hospital etc so cream crackered, back soon.  hope you ok xx

Oh that's hard on you Teehee. I'm sure your mum appreciates it. All OK here.


DId anyone ever contact a PD Advisor re what benefits if any you are due after having to give up work because of parkinsons.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x




Gorbals law and money advice centre Glasgow, free advice and support.might be worth talking to them. There are other law centres in your area this one may be able to point you in the right direction.

I went to a local law centre they were really helpful , Citizens advice good but not as informative as law centre.

Turn2us is a site online with benefits support and advice, brilliant online benefits checker.

Please ask about national insurance contributions as need to be paid so you get a full state pension.  new state pension has different amounts paid dependant on NI contributions might not be entitled to some benefits but claming them may mean your NI contributions are kept up to date.

My PD support worker great but was not able to help with benefit advice in  any great detail.  PD helpline but I did not use this service but worth a try.

Hope this helps xx



Thanks TeeHee for your reply.

Much appreciated will take on your advice.

Thanks again.x will let you know how i get on. Xxx


Check with your doctor first but a supplement 5htp works for me, better sleep and feel more able to cope.xx

Hi TeeHee, Thought I would venture out into the wide world of posting and now happy I did. Really pleased to here you were awarded PIP and helps ease your mind about the future and double good news to hear you are back working Divine. Good to read happy posts and do hope your mum is doing better Teehee. As a double celebratory post, well for one time only.

This is MrJohnnyFartyPants over & out.

P.S. Hope those cocktails your having are the ones with the rude names.

Hi Mr JP

Cocktails  are from a previous post about beetroot juice and other healthy foods our good friend the divine one , myself and Matt invented Zombie, bloody parky and the crimson cramp most involved vodka or gin.  that particular post went off at a tangent and was really uplifting.  Have a good weekend all x

Cheers TeeHee

Will look into this !!!