My wife Supin had Parkinson's for 25 years. She died in 2011.  Soon after she died I  began to write a short memoir. However I soon  found that just relating all the events as they happened was not enough. So I  changed to fiction and widened the focus to include my father and other members of our family. The result was in the end  quite  a surprise - even to myself. However I hope that I have captured, at least partially, the spirit of who Supin  was. A diagnosis of Parkinson's is serious. However it is not the end of the world. Supin adapted,changed and  got on with what  was really a new life.  I am  going to  add a short post on the 'compulsive behaviour' section of this forum, as Supin  developed a taste for casinos and gambling. Again this is obviously  a serious issue,however in the memoir  I have tried to put it in context. It certainly added a new and unexpected dimenion to our lives! Counterpart by Rorie Smith is available from Amazon  or from Tan Tan Books.

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Thanks for posting. I'll look out for your book.