Chairs for dining table

Hi everyone, has anyone found a chair that makes sitting down at and getting up from a dining table a bit easier? I’m looking for something for my dad (Parkinson’s for 12 years) who is now really struggling to get into a chair that needs moving towards or away from a table. I’ve seen a few armchairs with drop arms, but ideally we want something higher; and/or something with a swivel function that would still support him, but it is slim pickings! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

This may be worth looking at FHM

I think they are a Danish Company (that may not be right) but have UK agents. It doesn’t look especially pretty but if it does the job so what in my opinion.
Good luck
Just found this and Wayfair is in this country. Might be worth a look

PS I have just noticed their prices are in dollars but Wayfair has online shopping in this country so is worth contacting them I think and see what they say. Apologies for any confusion. I have used Wayfair myself and assumed it was the uk one I have used.

Thank you ever so much!

You’re welcome I hope you are able to find something suitable. Please let us know how you get on.

Hi FHM, my other in law bought the VELA Tango chair a year ago and it has helped her to sit and stand more easily and access the dining room table. She bought it from Bennett Workplace Solutions, who brought some demo chairs to her home to try before she bought. VELA independent seating for adults | Bennett Workplace Solutions (

Thank you Matthew that is very useful which I hope will help FHM if they haven’t got it sorted and it is useful for me to know too as I can pass it on if others need such information or indeed if I have need of it myself at some point in the future.
Thanks again