Change in meds

Evening all, just before Christmas after seeing my PD nurse my pramipexole was reduced from 1mg and 0.7mg x3 daily down to 1mg and 0.18mg x3 daily, this was due to me reporting double vision and poor focusing. This seemed to be ok and I felt I was ok but even better the poor vision improved. Now at a review last week it was suggested I took the 0.18mg off also which I did a week ago now. I suppose I should add my current med regime

6.30 am rasagiline 1mg, pramipexole 1mg, sinemet

10.30 sinemet

2.30pm sinemet, pramipexole 1mg

6.30 pm sinemet

10.30 slow release sinemet, pramipexole 1mg

my question is would i feel a difference in dropping such a low dose of pramipexole so soon.. I feel I don't quite have that edge and not as good but is it just an off time or is it a further reduction

any help much appreciated