Change of medication

I was diagnosed with PD about 18 months ago & was under a regime of Neupro (8/24) in the morning and (4/24) in the evening as well as Sinemet plus 5 times a day and sinemet retard - (1 pill) in the evening, also Xadago in the morning. I am also take Besitran once a day.

My neurologist has now changed my medication and has stopped my Sinemet plus and moved me on to Stalevo -  (100mg/25mg/200mg).

Has anyone else had their medication changed  from Sinemet to Stalevo, and did you notice a difference?





That is quite a list of medication for someone only diagnosed 18 months ago.

I was switched from Sinemet Plus to Stalevo about 18 months ago.  The switch extended the efficacy of the Sinemet Plus (which forms part of Stalevo) from two to three hours in my case.

After one month on Stalevo, I was switched to a cheaper generic version called Sastravi.  I felt the difference immediately, it is an inferior product and I would suggest you stick to branded Stalevo if at all possible.


Xadago was causing me problems with side effects, and i was becoming very emotional , hence the Besitran.

I have noticed a difference already with Stalevo even though I have only started with it. With the Sinemet plus I was very conscious  of it wearing off.

I can only think that my neurologist is trying to get me on to a regime of medication that will keep the PD at bay.

I live in Spain so I don't know how different Parkinson's is regarded out here compared to the UK.