Change of neurologist

My OH has been seeing the same neurologist for many years.

We live on the border of two health boards and the neuro we have been seeing is over the border

. This has never been a problem before as way back we  travelled 50 miles to a different neuro in a different health board. He then transferred us to a more local centre after we were almost stranded there one visit due to heavy snow.

However, now we have been told that we can no longer see our long term neuro, even if we travel a few miles over the border as before, we'llhave to see a new neuro. Present neuro holds a clinic at our local hospital for neurology patients but that does not include Parkinson's patients. Confused??

Do we have a right to choose our consultant?

Hi benji, this does sound confusing for you and OH. As far as I was aware, you can choose which hospital you go to, for treatment of Parkinson's, as long as your GP refers you. Like you, I was on the border of two different authorities. When I became dissolutioned with my first hospital's care, my GP referred me to the other one and I was accepted. No probs.

Maybe others will be able to advise you more. I hope you get something sorted for your OH very soon. We all need confidence in our neurologist/PD nurse, not added stress.


Thanks Twinks.

The dreaded secretary phoned today. We will not be able to see our consultant of many years again. We will have to see a complete newbie neurologist, with no idea of OH's past medical history, because they are employed by our local health board. However, and here's the rub..... we will have

our appointment at the clinic that we have always attended which is.... in the neighbouring health  board.

You couldn't make it up.