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hello to everyone, its carolej, i just want to say a big thankyou to all those who have welcomed me on board, and may i also say i wish i'd joined a long time ago and met everyone, i very much look forward to chatting with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! about direct payments, i feel we as a family rely heavily on my direct payments, i feel i use them very wisely, to benefit both myself and them. with the changes are coming our way-what will happen to these payments in the uncertain future????????????? does anybody else worry about this???????????????

Hi Carole, direct payments are administered by the local authority (ie social services), not by the Department of Work and Pensions(which administer welfare benefits). The provision of service via welfare benefits is covered under law, however, local authorities can decide where and how to set both the thresholds for access and the services they agree can be provided locally (depending on whether they deem the need for the service 'mild, moderate, substantial or critical' in nature. The best place to get the info would be via the social worker who should be named as involved with the arrangements; or the agency who support with your management of the payments. There should also be a 'direct payments officer' in your local council.

The way this government is performing at the moment I reckon it'll fall apart within a few weeks. Then all their daft proposed changes to allowances etc will fall by the wayside!

Fingers crossed!

when do you get to the stage where you can apply for benefits though?. I am still working and my symptoms are not to bad, however, when they put me on a higher does of Mirapexin i was so ill I could barely move off the sofa for 3 weeks?

Do you need to be so bad you can barely move all the time or is there a middle ground somewhere

I am only on Disability Living Allowance, which isn't earnings-related. It has 3 levels, depending on exactly how disabled you are.

You need to be on the top level (receiving mobility allowance) to be permitted to spend some of it on a Motability lease car, but you can't apply for one if you're over 60 and have never had one before.

If you are over 60 and have HAD such a car since before you were 60 you can carry on renewing it forever, as long as you still have a licence.

Hi Carolineb211

To claim Disability Living Allowance you need to be aged between 3 and 64 on 11 April 2011. There are 2 rates for mobility needs and 3 for care needs. I get the higher rate mobility ie £202.50 a month but nothing for care. It is not means tested and you can claim if you are still working in fact it is there to help you to carry on working as you can exchange the higher rate mobility (if you receive it) for a mobility car. I think you can have 2 named drivers and you don’t have to drive yourself. However the car must only be used primarily for your benefit. For instance the driver could use it to collect your prescriptions or do some shopping for you. I don’t have a mobility car myself as I wouldn’t use it enough but we may get one when my husband and I retire. If you have a chronic illness like Parkinson’s you should continue to get DLA after 64 as long as they don’t change the rules. I suggest you put in an application now before it changes to the new scheme (PIP).

Best wishes.

Thank you for your responses.

I am not interested in a car because I already have a new car. OH is very generous and he will have it adapted for me as and when necessary.

What would help is someone to do the cleaning and gardening . I do work full time but find I have little energy left for these tasks.

Could I apply for DLA on this basis?

Hi Carolineb211

When you apply for DLA you need to explain the difficulties you have with mobility and whether you have any care needs. You need to see the form first to decide whether you are eligible. If you are awarded an amount of money you can spend it on whatever you like.

Hi !
If you receive DLA at a certain level (is this the same level for all Local Authorities ?) there is access to additional support which is automatic such as a bus pass (for under 60s), blue badge, mobility car, and I believe cinema tickets & reduced / zero road tax.


Hi Caroline
I still work full-time but get low DLA I get £19 odds and that goes directly to pay someone to come in once a week to clean the house (clean the shower/bathroom etc and vacuum as well as I get a lot of pain when doing them myself.I now find it a bit harder to dress myself so the Welfare Rights Officer who helped me fill in the form a first time (a God's send) is now going to re-assess me to see if my DLA needs changed.
Please get in touch with your local Welfare Right Officer (I think its through hte council) as they know all about what you're entitled to.
Good luck


Hi folks,

Just a warning. I was told to inform any professional if I had used them on my pip application form. I told my doctor last time I saw her and she said 'oh we don't bother with them, we get so many' from her attitude I can only assume that she puts them in the bin! Obviously this could have a massive impact on the final decision. To say that I am not happy is a gross understatement! Am so angry, obviously any response from her would be next to useless anyway. Oh well, hope you all have better docs than I do 




Where these things( pip/esa questions) are concerned Think in the context of your worst day.

They are not interested in Your Good days



in reasonable time/standard you'd expect to do so.

If there is Any doubt( from your point of view) Not what they might think then the Answer is No, because it is You living with the Disability & discomfort, Not Them.