No reply box to your post Ezinda, but wanted to say thank you fotr all the efforts.

Looks much more coherent now.

Here's hoping the anti-  spam stuff works as well!

For perfection, I would like a capital letter to appear after pressing return for a new line, as it does when writing e-mails.I have to go through and change them in every post as I am used to them being automatic everywhere else.



Hi goldengirl

I don't think that there is normally a 'reply' button when there is only one post but I hope you're seeing the 'Add new comment' dialogue box under it?

Glad to hear the changes look more coherent. 

The anti-spam should be in place by tomorrow but we'll keep you posted. 

I'm off now until next week but Sharon will be on tomorrow and can help if you need anything. 




  Hello ezinda or Sharon

                                You have improved our Forum by the changes you have made so once again rather like the fox sneeking or is it Seaking ,,, nope thats a reliable old workhorse whose function is Air sea rescue, among others, as I was saying you stealthily dissasembled just a little the old fawrum and reversedissasembled without letting  ,,  ,,on a very very,, sneekeebutpleasantsuprise.

               Seriously though to all who have made this  Forum much improved, thankyou you are very very very very very much exasperated andRakwedit2yawsellsandPDFUK

                                          4EVERINYAWDET                         fEDD   iavemysillyedontudaybig grin