Changing Diet

Has anyone switched diet and seen improvements?

I have been reading about people with MS changing to what appears a Vegan plus Fish diet and results are incredible.

Wondered if anyone has changed diet so drastically and notice improvements?

eating chocolate 3 times a day seems to help

oh that one is already on the menu, sometimes more than 3 times a day. LOL


If its chocolate what's everyones fave?

I buy a couple of £1 bars of Galaxy to see me through the week but i'm partial to a yorkie biscuit & raisin :) if i see them on offer

So what floats your choc feel good craving lol



bounty, mars bar, twix. and thats just breakfast!

Used to love peppermint Aero   Sadly no more as all sweet things now taste musty and off now :-((

I heard a rumour that Cadbury are bringing out an Oriental chocolate bar....could be a Chinese Wispa smile

boom boom as basil used to say


Could of just been a careless wispa ta daa :)

This Topic has just taken off into a whole new Galaxy and by-passed Mars on the way!

On a serious note, it's dark chocolate that's better for you.

Or was it the Milky Way Twinks???

Hahaha Bueno, Lexi. There must be a Bounty of chocolate jokes out there to cause a Ripple of laughter and a Twirl of amusement!

Can't think of any more!! Made me laugh though.