Changing drugs, how long does it take to settle?

Diagnosed July 2020, and been on pramipexole .35mg since then. Nicely dealt with the PD symptoms and gave me an almost normal life including driving and gardening, but gave me acute nausea. So with GP and PD nurse involved we’ve changed to CoBeneldopa 12.5/50, three times a day. The nausea has gone- hooray! But I’m now completely debilitated with the PD slowness and stiffness and tremors. They’ve upped the dose to two capsules three times a day and I feel dreadful.
Am I being too impatient, will it settle down in a couple of days; a week; longer? What about going back to the pramipexole, is that possible? Anybody had similar experiences. Thanks.

Hi Ian,
It’s a tricky one to answer, As we all seem to respond in different ways and time scales. Try and get hold of your PD nurse she will be better advised for you, than me. Hope things settle soon for you
Esme x

Hi Ian99 My neurologist changed and put my medication up and it was absolutely dreadful. It took a good couple of months (even longer) before The meds kicked in and I began to feel normal. I was told by my neurologist to give the new meds 4/6 weeks to kick in but by week two I was on the phone to the Parkinson nurse who helped me, it was a case of trial and error (getting the meds right) I honestly thought “I can’t handle this” but gradually I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I had to keep telling myself to be patient although this is very hard when you are slow, in pain, got tremors and a lot more beside, believe me I did a lot of crying during this time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Parkinson nurse if you are still not working right. I would think like most things it will take a little while for the meds to get into your system or indeed maybe they may need to change again but I hope that it all comes good for you in the end.

Kind Regards

Hi I went onto Pramipexole after diagnosis and am now on 2.62mg. It made my symptoms so much better and I felt better than I have in years! However, I did have nausea most days especially each time the meds increased. After 2 months it gradually reduced. Now only a little nausea between taking meds in morning and breakfast. Hope this helps.