Changing drugs

Im constantly been given extra drugs to take with the usual ones, and all they seem to do is muck my head up, wont to kill myself, get depressed, cant eat no taste, nervous,panic attacks, keep loosing weight,imagine things etc. Im so fed up with drugs, my consultant tries but it appears that iv got parkinsons with something else, and they dont know what it is, just its a new type of parkinsons, in other words, they dont know what to give me, or they have nothing for me, 2005 it started then in 2007 they decided it was parkinsons, and deterating quickly, well if michael j fox couldnt do anthing what chance do l have. Im having a winge gets all too much, my head and body are tired from it all. death where be the sting as they say.. what a horriable diease, plus iv got osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. well had my moan there is always sombody worse off.
That last comment ( there's always someone worse off) is a typical response of a strong person under fire. I don't know you but I can understand your thinking. As with me, none of my ailments are life ending, but altogether they mount up and get you down.

I have no magic remedy for you. But understand that there are folks out here who know how you feel.

Chin up


Hello Debbie

You've come to a good place, there is a lot of support and help here.
I wonder if somebody can give me any advice? I saw the consultant on the 23rd of December who recommended a change of levodopa regime.I was given a note to be taken to my GP, which my carer did yesterday. Today I received 2 'phone calls from my GP to inform me that, as he was unsure whether the medication detailed by the consultant is in addition to or instead of my current medication, I should continue with my prescription as it stands, until he has contacted the consultant to clarify the situation. He also said that he would wait until he has sight of the "letter to follow" from the consultant. I have been through this before. My GP will (understandably) not prescibe without specific instructions from the consultant. In the meantime I am left taking medications which are obviously not effective.
I suppose that my Q is - do I take matters into my own hands and contact the consultant myself (always assuming that I can get past the receptionist) or do I just simply bow to the inevitable and wait until somebody is prepared to authorise and make the recommended change of drugs?
hi AB
wont the consultant be on holiday? anyway i would phone them up and use as much emotional blackmail as possible to get them to WRITE CLEARLY NEXT TIME!
Hi AB.

Your GP is wisely being careful with your medication, and by doing nothing until contact has been made with the consultant and written authorisation to proceed received is recognising his/her own limitations, which is good!

I don't think it's as simple and clear cut as saying that your current medication is "obviously not effective" and thereby inferring that it is totally useless. Any more than concluding that the new regime will be perfect, and all problems will henceforth be in the past.

Firstly there is rarely a perfect drug solution for any PwP beyond which no improvement can be made, and secondly our bodies are changing all the time (usually deteriorating, unfortunately) with symptoms worsening and drug effectiveness reducing. In addition new drugs are being introduced all the time - some promising, others hopeless.

So treading water for a short while will do no harm (relatively), whereas the new drug combination could have some as-yet unanticipated negative effect, and its introduction should be carefully monitored and not rushed.

Having said that, my own experience supports the likelihood of the "letter to follow" taking weeks rather than days to materialise, especially over the festivities, so I see no harm in somewhat forcefully reminding those with their fingers on the button that in this high-tech millennium legally acceptable authority can be transferred via fax or email just as effectively as by pigeon post or message in a bottle.

Notwithstanding all that, the final question is: "Is the new drug regime merely the same medicines in different size doses and/or different timings, or are completely new drugs to be introduced?". If the latter, there is little more you can do. If the former you may already have sufficient stocks in the house to proceed on your own, although of course you shouldn't.

Either way, take care.

Ray of sunshine .. I do like your name it suits you to a T I think what you have written in my opinion are WISE WORDS .
Thank you, Johnnie, that's very much appreciated. :flushed: