Changing from Ropinerole to Pramipexole

I've been having such horrible side effects on Ropinerole that my neurologist has put me on Pramipexole instead.

Has anyone else made this switch or done something similar? Is there anything I should expect while my body's getting used to one drug and coming off the other? I don't need a break, apparently.



I'd love to know that myself Tabbycat, no one can know that for sure, because we are all different taking new meds, I will be in the same situation as you shortly with new meds, wish we could look into the future!

Best of luck - Sheila

Let me know how you get on please..............

Well, day one isn't great so far.

I started the Pramipexole yesterday evening and this morning I'm not feeling very good - hard to explain, just weak and horrible. I'm tired, though, and had quite a hard yoga session yesterday so maybe that's not helping.

I wonder if I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from the Ropinerole as I stopped taking it without titrating down.

Sheila, what dose of Ropinerole were you on, and how long did you take to come off it?


Hi Tabbycat - I am still on Ropinirole  taking 16mg a day, and have been for last six years since being DX, started off with 2mg gradually increasing. I now need extra meds but not sure at the moment what will happen, have an app with parkinsons nurse on 27th June, Co-careldopa was mentioned.

I know your supposed to wean yourself off Ropinirole gradually, especially if you have been taking them as long as I have, as with any other drug. I live in apprehension of what will happen eventually

Hope you stay well, keep me posted - Sheila x

Ah, sorry, when you said you would soon be in the same situation, I thought you'd come off it.

Good luck for the 27th!