Changing the timing of sinemet plus

My OH takes Sinemet Plus 4 times a day starting at 7am. Because I now need to get up with him 2 or 3 times in the night for the toilet I am becoming very tired. I am thinking of sleeping on some mornings so that would mean his first pill would perhaps be as late as 8 or 8.30. Have any of you tried this? How did you arrange the timings of the remaining 3 pills? Was the Parkinson`s worse in the rest of the day? Or did you have a better way of dealing with the loss of sleep?
Thank you for reading this
HI Hatknitter
I take Sinemet - timings are 8.00 am (3 tabs crushed), 11 am, 2 pm, 5pm and 8pm. If I get up later then I just move everything on for the amount of time later that I got up. If I am going out for the evening then I add 30 mins to the 11 and 2pm tabs and take the 5 pm at 5.30 and then the 8pm at 8.30. My PD doctor also gave me amytriptliene which helps control my bladder so that I can usually sleep through the night with maybe one loo trip around midnight. Perhaps that will help you OH.
I know how tiring it can be getting up in the night to assist with toileting!
I got my husband a portable urine bottle to use. Only a few quid from boots.
He can sit up in bed with the help of the grab stick fitted by social services, wee in the bottle, put the lid back on, stick it on the bedside table and go back to sleep, all in a few minutes and not waking me up!
Hope this might help....and others speak highly of Amytriptilene as well.
Good luck!
Hello Jennyb and goldengirl
Thank you both for replying so quickly. We do have a bottle but are not able to use it successfully because of the difficulty of sitting up in bed and general co-ordination when sleepy. I hadn`t heard of amitryptilene but will certainly bear it in mind although not keen to add another drug if not absolutely necessary. First we are going to experiment with sleeping-in and then adjusting the later pill times and hope we have your success. I expect that to be a big help but if things get worse we can then remember the amitryptilene.
Thank you again for your prompt advice
I wake late and have -
dose one between 8.45 and 9.00 a.m.
dose two 1.30pm
dose 3 6.30 to 6.45pm
As need dictates I occasionally add a half tablet late as i go to bed late which I think i would benefit from regularly but dont want to increase meds.
Some days I take a fourth dose if I am going out