Changing to different hospital

After being thoroughly let down and having gone through unnecessary stress at my previous hospital, I now have an appointment at 9am. tomorrow, at a different hospital, seeing a new neurologist. I'm hoping for better communication and understanding. My GP has forwarded my medical notes, but just wondered if I will have to be re-assessed all over again? Has anyone else changed hospitals and what happened at the first appointment? Any advice welcome, please.



My husband spent a month in hospital recovering from damage caused by his neurologist. We were assigned to a new hospital and neurologist .

When we went to meet our new neurologist he was kind, understanding, informative and knowledgable.

He had read the notes thoroughly ,observed my husband's walking and movement and asked plenty of questions, then outlined his treatment plan.

I had taken a list of questions and he was patient in answering them.

I do hope you find such a positive response.

Good luck!




Thank you GG. I'm so pleased your husband is now receiving care from someone willing to listen and take time to talk things through properly. It makes all the difference when you can trust and have confidence in people dealing with your health, instead of being treated like a statistic.

I'll let you know how I get on and thanks for the good wishes.

Twinks. x

Had a very positive meeting this morning, with a new neurologist at a different hospital. He is a retired PD expert, who helps out when the department is busy. Been involved in many trials and research papers, so most knowledgeable and explained things really well. Made me do all kinds of tests for coordination and balance and asked me many pertinent questions. He originally came from Cyprus and had a quirky sense of humour  Soooo different from my last one! After an hour with him, (when he didn't use his computer once), he suggested Madopar was the way forward for me. Feel confident in trusting his judgment.

We talked about Mucuna Pruriens and he said to eat broad beans instead!

Feel better already!




Hi Twinks

You've given the Mucuna pruriens a good try. Hope Madopar helps.

i hate broad beans but hate P D even more! 

Best wishes


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