Chartiable events


Perhaps the blind society do an eye spy day or the deaf charities do a pop music quiz?

a sponsored 'put your clothes in with one hand day' would be better. or eat a bowl of soup with a vibrator attached to your arm

if i see another puk event of that nature i will PUKE.

dont mean to sound ungrateful - but i am very very ungrateful at these patronising events. DONT BOTHER!

(i am expecting a little flak from this but we shall see)
ps this is not including people with pd who do events. that is completely different.

Hi turnip,

In July, my son is taking part in the 'Mongol Car Rally' which involves driving a car from London to Montgolia. I suffer from Parkinsons. My son's team are accepting donations for two charities, once of which is Parkinson's UK. He is not just doing this to raise funds. The main reason he is is taking part is he likes a challenge and adventure.

I'm right there with you on this Turnip

Sky diving grannies etc does my head in.

Especially those that are basically doing something on their bucket list.

Please give me a fiver towards doing a parachute jump. Id give em £20 if they would do it without a parachute.

Some of these events are paid for by donations. Basically it's give me some money for me to have fun and if there's any left in the pot you can have it

Try doing something you dont like. A sponsored dog shit pick up would be more useful.

Or better still drink 2 pints of water then


drink 2 pints of water then try getting to the loo with your legs tied together.

That should give em a sense of awareness.

jem - i wish your son all the best. but i hope the other charity isnt the downs society - (i am allowed to make that joke as my son has DS)

Leyther - LOL as they say

i sense this topic will be popular

Hi I fully understand what you mean. I could scream when the newsletter arrives and it says...'join us for a run' 'bike ride' or even climb a blooming mountain.
I can't even get to the bottom of our path some days and I'm sure that there are plenty of others just like me?

It would be good to see something linked to pd as Eck has said, at least we could all understand it, even join in withoout looking a t..t.


I just love ANYONE, absolutely ANYONE who does ANYTHING for charity.

Well done, congratulations and thank you!

Pea eating with a fork contest people?

It gave me a huge laugh to read everybody's response to charitable fundraisers - a tonic in itself. I hope all who vented felt better for it too...My dilemma is that I've always routinely contributed to some charities. When it comes to Park'n Research or Park'n Nurses collections, should I put my hand in my pocket or smile gratefully at those that do as I am one of those who will eventually benefit. If I do contribute, I almost feel like I'm paying myself. (I do dig out my purse of course!)

In fairness the idea of bucket list bashing is brought about by the intense competition for our cash. Charity has become big business.

I always find Comic Relief an odd concept, a night devoted to making people laugh interspersed with horror stories. Its never on the strength of the comedy that they try to relieve you of your cash, that's the bait then they put the guilt lever on you. Its a classic marketing technique to draw you in then relieve you of your cash. Personally I would rather they separate the two, laughing on one night, crying on another.

What gets you to part with your money? Being entertained or being informed?

So last year I did a skydive for this very charity, and yes I do have early onset PD. I raised lots of money and had the most hideous experience of my life.....I don't get these people who want to do it again and again. :question:

I did it because I wanted to prove to myself I could - overcome the fear and not let PD stop me doing things.

This year my charitable event has been collecting for Marie Curie........even more painful. Nearly two hours stood in a supermarket with my daffodils, collecting tin, and a ridiculous foam hat no one warned me about :flushed:..........and bl00dy dystonia in my feet!

At least when I junped out of the plane my feet didn't hurt :grin:

I can appreciate the frustration but any funds raised for PD research are surely welcome?

not a 100 % serious, not a 100 % not serious. it does seem a bit silly, like a cake stall for bulimia, but do appreciate everyone means well. would be nice if a slice went to us based on number of posts. ...just kidding!

Soup and vibrators yeeeaaah ..........oops! :flushed:

Our branch holds charitable events that anyone can participate in:

Curry night at a local Indian restaurant.

Race night at a local pub.

Lunch, catered by the committee, for 80 people at a local club

I won't bore you with all our other events during the year.

ALL of these events can be attended by PWP.

Hi turnip, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment, especially regarding people who place themselves in harms way, and then need £200.000 s worth of specialist care to help them to walk again, why not have a sponsored kick Parky up the arse campaign if you could find the monster within it would be so satisfying and would raise Billions, and that's just from me,oops I shouldn't have said that the begging letters will start now , I was only kidding honest:frowning: or perhaps a sitting in a very comfortable chair watching a really Interesting documentary sponserer " is that a word" or see how many people you can get to say "Feck Girls Drink" in the same place, or a sponsored throwing very sharp knives at persons who suddenly shout "I DONT BELEIVE IT".
Mean, who me NAH fedex

Turnip,i agree with both sides.first with yourself i get very pigged off when i see people running,biking,climbing etc cus i at one time did all those a days putting one foot in front the other is a, well i guess you can guess.but to all thebpeople who do the sports and fund raising in a energetic way i hold me hat to them,if it was not for them our funds would not exsist.but on the other hand when we have the magazines from puk next would be great to see advertising for pd suffers and abled people to do wot i would call the hardest thing,get dressed one handed,eat a full meal chewing 20 times per mouthful,put shoes on tie laces up and jumpbup and down 20 times.things wot able bodied people take for granted.there needs to be things for us to do with out the piss to be takern out of us.cus daily things are so much harder and i no in away it be a challage for some and feel they had fund raised for puk our way.:smile:

Kick a Parky up the arse!

That should help the awareness campaign.

You have to find one first though.