Chat any1

is there a room on forum can anyone tell me for a chat as in chatroom format i think i could talk easier if there was tnx:grin::grin:
Hi magic909,

I'm afraid that we don't have a chat facility here though other Parkinson's forums such as PDJunction do:

Others might be able to suggest other communities with chat that they are a part of.

I hope it helps.

I have made a few facebook friends who have parkinson's , or you could use Parkinsons disease foundation
tnx for replies and johnny is there a facebook link can you send it if there is please tnx Brian

Hi im a new user to this site. I have been diagnosed with this awful disease for 15 years and althogh i have been through every emotion known to man i have yet to talk with anyone about anything. if there is anybody out there who would like to chat women very welcome

Hello Turnerjtuk pleased to meet you . I was diagnosed last sep so relatively new to all of this in comparison to yourself . I haven't spoken to anyone in person who has pd but I have used this forum a lot and have had a lot of support and help . I'm really grateful it exists .I have not been to a support group . There is a working age one not too far away . I'm 45 and working . There is not one near me . Have you family / friends around you ? 

I have not told many people yet . I find it hard mainly because I am still working and want to carry on as normally as I can . 

How have you coped the last fifteen years ? I'm sure you've got lots of advice and experience to offer and I hope you find the forum as supportive and as friendly as I have . 

I agree that the Forum is a tremendous help and hope you find it so.  My original concern about meeting people with P was that I felt I did not want to get into sitting and discussing our tremors, mobility etc as I thought I would get very scared!  However, now I have met people with the same problem, I find I actually do want to talk about it so I do understand how some of you feel about wanting an actual chat.