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Good Evening All

As a youngster (43 is I think) I want to get in touch with people my age and find out how they cope with Parkinsons.  I have been looking online for groups but with no luck.  I was wondering if anyone can help.

I find it difficult speaking to older people as my life is different to theirs in a lot of ways.  Young (yes I am I tell myself), have a 3 year old (pull my hair out sometimes, but love her to bits), work full time (what a fool I hear you say), doing an AAT course in accountancy (hasn't she got enough on her plate).  Life sometimes gets to much and I feel I take it out on my husband (a lot), even though he is my rock and we have been through an awful lot together, (ie losing my mum, my dad abandoning me and my brother, being diagnosed etc).

I just want someone of a similar age that I can moan/talk to.  Was looking for a chat group or something similar.  Any help would be most appreciated.

It's not till I suddenly stop all my chores that I remember I have Parkinsons and then I fear what the future holds.  The tremble in my hand has a impact on using a fork/keyboard, I don't want sympathy just want to live as normal a life as possible.  I was given one piece of information from a friend who is suffering from MS and that is live for now, do it now and don't wait.  Bless her we have been friends since she was first diagnosed to, nearly 20 years ago.

Going now, gone on enough

Wallaby x

Hi Wallaby,

No doubt other Young Onset PWP's will post but for the moment if you navigate from the "support for you" button at the top of this page you will be able to put your postcode in to find local support groups, some of which are for Young Onset

There is the facebook page  PLOG - Parkinsons London Group:  a group for younger people in the London area. 



have you seen this one ? not sure if has a chat option, but someone within it might.

I haven't delved too deeply into it or signed up to it, there are other 'younger' groups on facebook one is down in kent i think?.

Locally a working age group has been recently set up in my side of suffolk theres another on the west side, Ive been to a couple of meetings, out too the cinema once, and a walk and another next week, other things are organised, i think i am still the youngest there though. that prob isn't entirely what your lookin for though i guess.

Hi wally

how are u getting on these days  ?? Geese a shout some time for the crack or a moan were all in the same boat 

Ian xx