Chat room please!

wish i could:disappointed:
Sorry, but the kind lady who runs PD Junction has banned me (and many others).
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Why's that related to chatrooms, Ali?
it not im sorry ray,have it delited if u wont im just very upset thats all sorry best if i keeps off here then a:disappointed:
Have you been banned from the PD Junction forum too, Ali?
looks like it yes ,thing is i was mentaly ill caused through no fault of me own it was meds and break down did it tome ,i got told if i got the correct help from drs to make me beter i could return to the forum ,so ive worked so hard to get back to me own self its been a livin nite mare for me,and now i get told im not allowed to returnthat some people dunna wont me there cus of wot i was like when high on meds ,rottern pd hate it it ruined everything for me and now i feel like me heart been ripped out agin ,ive tryed so so hard to get beter and now im kicked back down agin:disappointed:i like that forum cus it has chat and all those things mentioned at beging of this thread,dont get me rong i love this forum to,but i do wish it had a chat room as well.
So the (non-medical) lady who runs the PD Junction forum has told you to go to the doctors and change your medication, and banned you from her website until SHE decides you're ok? Wow, I've heard it all now!
yep u got it ray,but i beter not say nomore cus i be in trouble on here for sayin i not allowed on the other forum cus of wot a med did tome side effects from a med to do with pd,all to do with rottern pd ,and breakdown ,and ive had it all took away from me cus of the meds controling me mind and made me into a not nice person ,i shut upnow sorry for goin on but im just so upset that this has happined tome when i had so much hope i could meet back with me friends and have fun like i did before i feel so gutted up real bad cus of rotern pd :disappointed:
Yes, its the Pd princess and her 3 Lying Witches.
They have after ALi for ages.
The said PDJ lady is a regular on here, of course, so I'd better button my lip now.
The lady who runs PD Junction is not only runing it voluntary she actually pays the cost of running it out of her own pocket every month. And she tries to keep it going for the best for everybody.
She has Parkinson's like the rest of us.
Just like Ali?
When i post on any forum i try to be sensitive in what i say all forums have moderates including this one. I am John E on all of them i like people knowing who i am.
Ok ray of sunshine
will everyone just stop this,iam alij on all the forums i have been on and always will be,i was not a nice alij before when i was controled by those drugs took over me mind but iam back to the alij everyone nows me by ,well i hope they do .i can not put the past any beter but say that iam so sorry for wot happined but iam tired of tryin to expain to people ,and theres people out there who said they were helpin me but wernt they were bein moles findin things out from dumb old ali to keep there nasty things goin abouts me,so please eeryone just let this be iam beter iam me ,i would like to have me friends back imiss erm terribly but i no now they dont wont me by the email i have reived today and that has guted me up.lets get back to the thread as it should be about chat rooms please and leaves me alone now ,or i willhave to come off this forum to cus i wont be able to cope with listernin to it all abouts me ,so please stop for mysake now ,thankyou alij x
Just caught up with all thats gone on the past few days. The definition of
chat is to converse in a friendly manner. So Ali j just remember
for my part I joined this forum for exactly that reason; friendly
opinions and good friendly advice on the many complications and the
future in having PD.
It's easy said Ali j; but sticks and stones; don't let a few hurtful words
get to you; and remember there are friends on this site,
i just sayone thing ncn ,i dont no u and i wont judge u ,but i am not a attention seeker thankyou very much .please let this thread return to wot it ment to be about beore the mods on here get cross and i some how get in trouble like i always do