CHC decisions

Dad was admitted to hospital where we were told he needed nursing care in a home. Family selected home. Family then asked to select another home due to waiting list in first choice, family selected home. Family then told dad had to go to EMI - this was strongly disagreed by daughter and fought on. Family told they would allow a 2 week trial in nursing home but agreed if placement failed dad could return back to hospital until new placement found - this was recorded. Placement failed due to dad being restrained horizontally in chair, apparently to keep him from falling out of chair. Dad has history of wanting to get up from chair and walk around, and does not have the balance for this anymore. POVA now in place. Other concerns have been raised and family feel not answered properly. Asked for dad to go back in hospital due to breakdown of placement and this was refused due to lack of staffing levels on ward. Dad had to remain in home whilst his wife went on holiday very distraught. Mtg was held to discuss concerns and to move dad - CHC involved but appeared to family to be fully supporting home but not the family. All agreed dad could be moved once family had found new home for him to move to. Family arranged same day with first choice home to go and assess dad. Two days later, CHC contacted family to state dads parkinson consultant was stating it was not in dads best interest to be moved as this could be detremental to his health so they are now refusing to move him. Dad is unhappy and knows he cannot go home or back to hospital and has asked to be moved to a new flat (ie home) somewhere else - this could be due to be restrained? Can CHC block us from moving dad? I am waiting to speak to his consultant about this as am not fully sure how much information has been relayed to him. First choice home will be more expensive than other homes and wondered whether this could be partly why move is being blocked but maybe totally wrong? Keep asking and telling family that dad will probably not settle in new home, but the fact is he is not settled and is unhappy now so surely it is best to at least try to move him. Severe breakdown with home and family does not help his situation. Please any advice would be helpful as family have just been messed about and goal posts keep moving constantly. Thanks.

Sorry forgot to mention that CHC sent someone to assess dad for EMI home as was previously stated by professionals but this has now proven to be wrong placement for dad as a new assessment on dad by CHC stated he is not EMI. What a mess.

Hi, what a mess indeed I am so sorry you have had this bad experience but I would keep insisting on what you feel is best for your Dad. Sadly you have to keep tabs on him where ever he goes it is a constant battle which I have all the time not with the funder's but the staff and many changes of carer's. I have had very good support from the PCT in our area so I thank God for that.
Where ever your Dad goes it will take some months for him to settle in, but you need to be happy with the home and feel it is best for him so keep the pressure on.
best of luck

Sorry to hear about your situation. If you need to talk it through with someone then you can call the Parkinson's UK confidential helpline for advice and information on 0808 800 0303.

Jennie, Digital team