CHC Funding help needed

my father has advanced stages of parkinsons and parkinsons dementia and has been in a care home since march 2021, we have recently completed an assessment for CHC funding but have been told otday that he does not score high enough to reach the threshold!
please can anyone help me
my father is complete immobile, cannot communicate, is completely incontinent and has to be hoisted inthe care home from bed to chair. he cannot feed himself and has lost over 3 stone in weight since he has been at the care home
on the initial CHC assessment he scored really highly which prompted the full assessment. how do i get to get him this funding, he clearly needs 24/7 care
any help, assistance as to where i go now would be really appreciated please

Hi Lisa,
We noticed this was your first time posting on the forums so we wanted to welcome you and make sure you’re aware of the resources available to you. We have a website with a wealth of information that is user-friendly and kept up to date. We’d recommend this page for information on financial assistance finding a care home. We also encourage you to call our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303. Our highly knowledgeable advisers can help with everything from recommending local resources to walking you through form submission. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them; they’re happy to help.
Again, best wishes and warmest welcomes,
Moderation Team

Hello Lisa
We have been through the nightmare of getting CHC funding. You need professional help. Beacon who you can access through Parkinsons uk is the place to turn to Also there is another charity called Care to be Different which can give you useful information.

My first thoughts are were you invited to the assessment? If not why not? Are the care home maintaining a n evidence based record of your fathers needs which the assessors can refer to?
Can you ask to see his daily record sheets? If your father has dementia has this been properly diagnosed with completion and scoring of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. Did the Parkinsons specialist nurse proved information to the assessors? Does he have hallucinations, illusions and delusions? Is there a choking hazard? How is his skin?
The burden of proof is on you and the care home to show his care is complex and unpredictable.

My thoughts are with you. My husband is cared for at home with 24/7 care but the nightmare of funding nearly broke me. I am fortunate in having NHS professionals in the family who had the confidence and knowledge to be assertive and correct false assumptions. I also put in a formal complaint to the CCG after we finally got the care we needed highlighting the false information, lack of knowledge and the effect it all had on our mental health.

I send you my very best wishes and hope for the sake of all the other patients who are struggling to get the care they deserve you succeed and in doing so improve the service