Check those policies

Hi ive noticed not a lot is mentioned about the financial side of a pd diagnosis

i know when i was diagnosed nobody told me to get financial advice.

for instance do you realise that pd is recognised as a major disease by most morgage providers and insurance companies and they will pay out on payment protection policies and life insurance policies in most cases paying the morgage/loan off completely.

i had a morgage and several loans when diagnosed and had my morgage paid off by a life insurance policy and the loans paid off by the payment protection.

in fact i have just recently stumbled upon a policy called morgage payment protection i also had on my halifax morgage which has just paid out £10,000 15 years later.

so i urge you to check your morgage policies ,loans ,credit cards and life insurance there may be lot of money waiting for you to claim it.

ps and always remember dont let the bas*##### drag you down

And, mortgage companies penalise those who have a family history, even just one generation, of P. OH has P and both our daughters had to disclose this, even though P went no further back than this.

Hence, a great  weighting when applying for life insurance. Scandalous, IMO.