Checking in

Hi All, I'm Paul from Kent and I suffer from tremors, three different ones that affect my hands & arms.

Life can be tough at times but I try to smile through things as there are people worse off than me.... I used to be a training & recruitment specialist in Construction but now I sit at home bored feeling unwanted.

Well that's about it for my hello and I apologise for not writing a riveting opening piece.

Wishing you all a shake, rattling & rolling Christmas (have a good one).


Hi Paul

You sound very down at the moment, how long ago were you diagnosed?  I have had PD since 2004 when I was diagnosed at 43.  Bit of a shock to the system, but I am coping well and although I have now taken early retirement, life goes on.

I am originally from Kent and think it is the best county in the country.  Circumstances have led me to be currently living in Oxfordshire but my heart is in Kent.

I know that PD can really get you down at times, but it is also important to give it a good kick up the rear now and again and let it know that you arent going to give in.   Easy to say I know, but from a fellow sufferer I find it is the only way to face the future.  12 years since diagnosis and I am still fit and well, just experiencing cramps and stiffness.

Hope you have family and /or friends around at Christmas.


Best wishes