Chess anyone!

for all of up who can't sleep or maybe you just fancy a game of online chess
with me,happy is my name.just say what piece you want to be black or white
and then send your move on this site and i'll get back to you with mine... asap
in the next few hour's
HAPPY, I would if I could but I can't play chess:cry:

I hope someone who does will join your in a game.

Radz x
Kings Pawn E4
Oops......wrong game ray!

'Huffed' is a term used in chequers old boy, not chess!

If you didn't already know, it be removed from the board!

Is that what you would like ray?

I'm just trying to play a game of chess with 'happy'...who started this thread.

Why ruin it for him to have a pop at me?
Btw ray old mate....A similar move in Chess is called En-Passant (in passing)

Even so, why would you make such a post old mate? :wink:

Happy wants to actually play a game of Chess, not have a lesson in Chess terminology old mate! :wink:
Just a little joke, my old buddy. You'd only made one move, so I don't think your game has been adversely affected. Where's your infamous sense of humour?

Seriously though, if PUK are considering providing on line chat room facilities they would be ideal for chess, etc.
Happy....I've assumed that you're pretty good at chess, so I've taken the liberty of choosing white.

Kings pawn to E4.

Good luck

This is absolutely thrilling


Good morning Happy.

yes I would like to play chess.

I will play this game with WHITE 

Pawn to King 4