Chia seeds for parkinsons

Hi all,

Google beneficial effects of chia seeds for parkinsons

I am completely against the sales of unproven medication. Any drug has to be emperically proven and this has not been. As a qualified state registered Biomedical Scientist I have spotted some sillinesses in the description of the uses of these things. ie


Chia seeds gel in water, which has a variety of benefits when you take them whole into your system. First, their hydrophilic nature causes them to absorb water – even within your stomach. This causes the water to stay in your system longer and increase hydration. They also slow down how fast your body converts carb calories into sugars, and produce a feeling of fullness, which is good for weight loss and helps with diabetes.


This strains at the truth. This is one example of gobbledegook that often accompanies these products.

But...what do I know...maybe the stuff does work!
hi spam 95,

chia is not a drug merely a food/herb - dr. wayne coates
today i am not in the best of form and it bugs me the way some little suggestion that might help someone becomes a big DEAL and i didnt tell anyone to buy chia I merely said google for info. This is why i give up posting aaaaggggghhhh....
This person has a company selling this product in the UK. I have asked him for some evidence of this stuff working for PD and I expect a reply soon.

I'm not having a go at you Turnip, but at a company that might be trying to take advantage of the pd sufferers in our community. I have asked Dr Coates for some references to PD and I expect him to come back to me soon.

I hope you have a more cheerful day and , if I upset you, please accept my apologies. I can understand how you feel.

If it turns out that this product will do us some good, I'll recommend it to this forum!

Dear Turnip

I have been in contact with Dr Coates, who turned out to be a lovely, polite man who was very anxious about this thread. He stated that there has been no research work with regard to chia beans and PD as far as he knows.

He cotinues his work with regard to this product but as a food additive with some general health benefits.

I would like to thank Dr Coated for his efforts.