Chillax pillow


Hi, I’m Steve. I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago. Unfortunately I could only continue working as a police officer for a further 4 years. Anyway I’ve had some good times, some bad times some tough times but lately sleeping has become very difficult.
Full of variety of reasons one of which is that since I started using stalevo my body temperature is almost through the roof and im sweating beyond belief. A family member had suggested using a cooling pillow, which i used for the first time last night. Atmos absolutely awful I woke up about 2 in the morning and could not move literally felt frozen from the shoulders up and it took my wife, who is considerably smaller than me sometime to get me out of bed. Suffice to say I got about 2/ 3 hours sleep. Has anybody else tried this pillow, or can anyone suggest another way in which to keep the body temperature down without freezing that much that I can’t move?


Hi Steve

I was on the stalevo but i had to be taken off then due to, them lowering my blood press tomuch. I have not used that pillow but the thing I was going to tell you about and worked for me. I was to put cold wet towels onto My Feet. This is very d school but it worked for me. Also watch your blood pressure as this medication can lower it, all the best



Hi Steve
I’ve used a chillo
Make sure it doesn’t go directly on your skin.
Cover it with a towel like you would if you were applying an ice pack.


Razor, Hubby,
Thanks for the advice. I’ll try the wet towels on my feet. I did put the pillow in a pillow case but have been put off using it, such was the extent of the freezing.

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