Chilli powder

Hi there fellow parkinsonian's,
The last week or so ive been experimenting, by puttin chilli powder in some of my meals, and found that ive been gettin hyper after meals with the chilli powder addition, sometimes even stopped taking my "fix" of medication until when needed after the hyperness has ceased , some times the fix of chilli powder takes the place of my medication, without the hyperness !! wondering has anybody else have a similar story ?? or would like to do a little experiment, maybe "Chilli" could help our parkinsons nightmare in many ways ??
It would be interesting to hear from any Mexicans who have Parkinsons.
Are you Serious or taking the Piss ??
In our house we live in garlic and chili. The only way I'd know if it helps is by stopping which could lead to divorce! One book I read said to avoid spices as are 'excitotoxins'
Anyway; just off for a curry!
Interesting article here regarding Excitotoxins and Parkinsons :smile:
Seriously, welshbearuk, it may warrant an in-depth study. Though I don't know if Mexicans really do eat a lot of chilli or if it's just a national stereotype.
Chillies have been shown to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sorry if you though I was taking the urine.
hey all the big chilli debate i heard about curry being good for you lets face it a billion asians? cant be wrong
I have found that I tend to favour strongly flavoued foods - e.g.garlic, chilli, lemon juice, ginger (except in the morning when I can only face bread & butter) I think it is to do with my reduced sense of smell/taste rather than any nutritional benefit
I love chilli but unfortunately it does not like me as I also suffer from IBS, however I think I would be prepared to put up with the s...s if I thought it would help.
christo, sorry i didnt mean any offence about yor mexican comment lol just had one of those days when nothing has gone right........think ill have to e-mail a mexican pd group just to check it out, and ofcourse the asian community, thanks for all yor comments. i still think that since the Pd nightmare is off a planets making, that there is some easy cure of sorts being produced naturally by the planets natural source somewhere from the earth in flowers, fruits, food etc etc After all the earth fixes its own eventually rite !!.....hope they find it real soon for all of us who have this nightmare were living called parkinsons,
be safe all & keep shaking *winks*
That's OK Welshbearuk. In fact many drugs were originally derived from natural sources. For example, aspirin from willow, digitalis from foxgloves. Who knows what may still be out there waiting to be discovered. Perhaps for every acre of tropical rainforest that is destroyed we lose a potentially valuable new medication.
Turmeric is supposed to be beneficial as is Metanone tonic/Buckfast Tonic Wine.

A few more ingredients and we'll cure ourselves, or have a tasty meal.

So we have our marinade


We've not to go heavy on the protein so that leaves us with broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts or cabbage.