Chinese medicine and Parkinson's

I have just come across an article in the 25th June issue of New Scientist magazine citing clinical trials of a traditional Chinese herb called gou teng. Apparently this seems to work by targeting rogue cell producing the protein alpha-synclein, which has been implicated in the destruction of Dopamine producing brain cells. The "active ingredient" has been identified as an alkaloid called isorhy. Clinical trials with synthethised isorhy on rodents are now under way.
hi christo,is this magazine,sold in shops,or were am i able to buy one from,ur the 2nd person to mention this name to me,now i would like to take aread of it me self.thankyou x:smile:
Now that Chinese entrepeneurs have full reign, were going to get a lot of things like this.
links that may be of interest
Hi Ali. Magazine is available in shops or you can subscribe on line. I think back issues are available too.
Just google gou teng. There are several websites, including the New Scientist article.
thankyou very much kurgen68,and christo,i shall check both out x:smile:
How interesting to know about this chinese mix of 14 herbs!
Thank you Ali,Krugen68 and Christo ; this is what I like about this Forum, what a support, knowledge and communication!

Krugens68, you are always very informed about the links to consult!
Do you think we should give it a go?

Thanks Krugens68. It's always a good idea to keep well informed. Many of our modern drugs were originally developed from natural remedies.
Hi Natasha

I'm on the Cogane trial at the moment, but it's on my list of 'to try' when I finish in April.
As always, be aware that herbal remedies are still drugs.

I'm on a trial visit next week, and 2 of my neuros visited China for a week long symposium before Xmas. I will see if they have any thoughts on what they saw/heard.
Hi Krugen68,

Please keep your posts on this subject.
I take it this compound is not yet available in the UK yet: am I right?

Have a good day!
If you find your local Chinese herbalist/Chinese medicines centre you should be able to get it made up from the ingredients list.

I have a herbalist just opposite my office, there's often one in big towns. failing that search the internet for someone who will make it up and post it.

It's not a 'brand' but a traditional compound used for centuries in China
I would too be very interested in your neurologists opinion of this. The woman who has tried it does sound to have a good experience.
Not much to report. I asked specifically about the ZAZ2 and the Gouteng, but was told there was nothing presented in China over the 4 day symposium, that was a proven neuroprotective.

Hi everyone! I'm looking to find out if anyone had experience taking Glutathione and if so what was the outcome.  

Has anyone had comprehensive consultations with Chinese medicine practitioners, please?  

I had a consultation with a Chinese doctor late last year, and I spent a small fortune on some Chinese herbs (including the gou teng discussed at the beginning of this thread), which I took every day for two weeks. Sadly, they had absolutely no effect on any of my symptoms.

However, I've been having accupuncture since last August, and I find it really helpful for energy levels and mood.