Chiropracric treatment for parkinson's disease

My father is showing some symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He is only 62 years old. His legs tremor and shake very frequently. I have noticed this while attending the Holy mass. He cannot even stand for a while. His hands shiver while taking the cup and spoon. I am planning to take him to a neurologist as soon as possible. But one of my friends says that there is no permanent cure for this. While researching I came across a blog which states that the Parkinson's disease symptoms can be reduced with the help of chiropractic adjustments.

Is it true? My friend is a chiropractor in Mississauga. Should I take my father there for a consultation? Any thoughts?

I can understand your concern about your father's health. Shaking is a very common symptom, especially in older people. 62 is not very old!!   Have you talked to your father about your concern? In Parkinson's disease the shaking (which, by the way is not always present, at least 25% of patients do not shake) starts on one side of the body and is typically present at rest, To illustrate this and compare Parkinson's with a very common shaking condition (called Essential Tremor): when a Parkinson patient pours himself a drink , he does not spill any,,even, though moments before he was shaking badly. The ET patient will have difficulty trying to stop his shaking hand and often spills his drinks.

I do not consider a chiropractor to be sufficiently medically qualified to diagnose accurately what is wrong with your father. Your friend is correct , there is no cure for Parkinson's disease. This outlook is very difficult to accept , so a lot of patients seek alternative treatments . Beware of exaggerated claims of success.

Best wishes and talk to your father first.

Hello Plaing94, I think you are right to seek a neurology appmt first before any treatments. When you have a diagnosis then there are alot of things/activities you can do to MANAGE Parkinsons. There is no cure and each person responds to different therapies. That's not to say that chiropractic treatment won't help but seek advice first. At 51 I've been diagnosed in the last year and find exercise helps. It's lovely that your Dad has such a caring daughter. Hope it goes well. DivineR

I have ABC Advanced Biostructual Correction, carried out by some chiropractors its unwinding works more on the nervous system, has made my posture so much better, it's not so invasive as having chiropractor its carried out in a different way finding it very beneficial people have commented on how much better I look, first few sessions made my jaw ache and my uneven smile has now gone.