Chocolate cravings

Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

Been watching the bbc inside program about PD last night and the author purchased tons of chocolates. I am lucky that husband who has these chocolate cravings does not like to go out shopping anymore, due to lack of grip on wallet and shopping bag. But he does have cravings for chocolates often in the morning and then if I don't have any in the house (silly me) all during the day!

I must say I never associated his need for chocolate to the Parkinsons. You live and lean still. Any other cravings obsessive out there? Is there more to come?

Hi swissmiss

   Yep had the chocolate craving also when I was taking requip xl I had an overwhelming desire for pork pies! I normally hate the things but would drive miles to get one when it hit! Lol now I'm on siminett I hate them again?

i now enjoy Mc Donald's moca frappeys for breakfast though that's not so much a craving as it's something I can have that dose not upset my stomach first thing .

It may be that the chocolate triggers the pleasure response in the brain that releases more dopemin and acts as a boost? Iv found that I smoke more when I'm going off but as soon as my meds kick back in I go back to normal .smoking triggers the reward centre in the brain in a similar way .

   Live well. Cc


"It may be that the chocolate triggers the pleasure response in the brain that releases more dopemin and acts as a boost"

Ohhh Yesss

I've been driving a TT convertible courtesy car while our's is in for service, which had almost the same effect as chocolate. When driving topless today (it has exceptional heaters) I spotted a young man look back as I passed.  I say I, but I hope it was the young red headed lass in the passenger seat.  He probably thought, lucky dirty old  man and maybe he'd be right on another day, but my daughter was enjoying the wind in her hair.

Of course on replacing the fuel I'd used before handing it back, I may have taken the chocolate section route to the till, well it wasn't even out of the way.

Carpe choccy diem 






Just a agricultural corsa diesel for me lol and i usually get a look when its cold first thing with the grey smoke trailing behind lol for the first 200 yrds or so before its warmed up lol like a bat mobile ..

Anyway i am partial to a bit of chocolate i buy a couple of bars of Galaxy too see me though the week, but i'm not shy of visiting the choc isle in tesco's i do love there own whole nut bar, Perhaps the cure lays in chocolate?.

Not really been into sports cars it was always big capacity motorbikes that popped my cork lol. no more alas as my sense of balance is shot so I can't ride anymore :-((. Still I'm building a v4 1100 cc trike at the moment so hopefully that will be fun , in the mean time I enjoy driving my Mitsubishi warrior 2.5 pickup  and yes the chocolate is always stashed somewhere on board lol

   Live well. Cc.  

 Ps just read through this and realised I sound like a total redneck lol ......o well yeeeeeehaaaaaa!  Lol

so glad you all enjoy chocolates too! Sea Angler, cure in Chocolates? That is one trial my hubby would be interested in, I am sure.


Anyway, Easter goodie parcel from Switzerland has arrived so we should be okay for supply until the weekend.

Enjoy your chocolates or fast cars/bikes/trucks.

Hubby is obsessed with chocolate and is on Requip XL.I hide it but when he is able to go  out to the corner shop his pockets are full on his return home.    It may have the feel good factor BUT it is  doing his teeth no good!!!

I don't know whether it is the cause of the craving, but chocolate contains dopamine and related chemicals, such as serotonin, but not levodopa ("Simultaneous Determination of Biogenic Amines ... ", Baranowska, 2015). Banana, especially the skin, is also a source of dopamine.

Dopamine is usually considered not to cross the BBB, but eating chocolate seems to make a minor improvement to my PD symptoms. It also has for me a good laxative effect.


My sister takes a square ofreally dark chocoate to aid her m.e. symptons. She says it has to be dark so it has the right natural ingredients. I don't know if it is the same principle for pd?